Use Native Node Modules

npm tool provided by Node.js builds the native modules, i.e. C/C++ Addons, at the time of installation.

Starting from 0.13.0, native modules built by node-gyp or npm in upstream can be supported.

In Linux and OSX you can just load the native module directly. In windows you’ll need to replace the file
%APPDATA%\npm\node_modules\node-gyp\src\win_delay_load_hook.c with the one at

Before 0.13.0, the V8 version and Node ABI in NW.js is different from official Node.js. To use native Node.js modules with NW.js, you have to rebuild the modules with one of following tools.


nw-gyp is a hack on node-gyp to support NW.js specific headers and libraries.

The usage is the same with node-gyp, except that you need to specify the version and arch (x64 or ia32) of NW.js manually.

npm install -g nw-gyp
cd myaddon
nw-gyp rebuild --target=0.13.0 --arch=x64

See for more details.


Some packages uses node-pre-gyp, which supports building for both Node.js and NW.js by using either node-gyp or nw-gyp.

The usage of node-pre-gyp is as following:

npm install -g node-pre-gyp
cd myaddon
node-pre-gyp build --runtime=node-webkit --target=0.13.0 --target_arch=x64

See for more details.

Known Issues

So far, you have to rebuild each native module with tools above including thoses are indirectly depended modules. Since binding.gyp is required for building native modules, you can easily locate all native modules by finding binding.gyp file.