Writing Documents for NW.js

Read Before Writing New Document

Github provides nice representation of Markdown online with its own syntax GFM (Github Flavored Markdown). And many of the developers are reading documents directly on GitHub. To enable the best documentation of NW.js for any developers, make sure the document is readable on GitHub before submitting your PR.

The documentation site of NW.js is generated by MkDocs which supports a slightly different Markdown syntax than GFM. So the page may be broken on GitHub while works under MkDocs, or vice versa.
A bad example is not having .md suffix in internal links, like [Build NW.js](Build NW.js). On GitHub, the link is broken because the file Build NW.js without .md does not exist. Always add .md suffix to your internal links.

View the Document Offline

To view the well-formatted documents on your own laptop, you need Python and install following dependencies:

pip install mkdocs pygments pymdown-extensions

Run following commands in the root of NW.js repo:
mkdocs serve

Then open your browser and navigate to http://localhost:8000/ .

Template for API Reference Page

Here is a minimal template for writing a page for NW.js API reference:

# Module Name {: .doctitle}



Describe the usage and other details of the module here.

## Module.staticMethod(arg1, arg2)

* `arg1` `{String}` description of `arg1`
* `arg2` `{Object}` description of `arg2`
  * `isSet` `{Boolean}` description of the field
* Returns `{Type}` description of the return value

Details about the the method.

## inst.method(arg1, arg2)

## Event: eventName(arg1, arg2)

  • [MUST] use # for page title and ## or ### headers for sections. DO NOT use ======= or -------.
  • [MUST] add {: .doctitle} right to the page title. This is the CSS class name for the document title.
  • [MUST] add a horizontal ruler with --- after the page title.
  • [MUST] add a [TOC] after the ruler.
  • [MUST] quote any code with a back tick (`) in the document unless it’s in the headers.
  • [MUST] specify the language for the code blocks.
  • Instance methods / properties in headers [MUST] use lower case instance name. Bad example: Window.resizeTo(x,y); Good example: win.resizeTo(x,y)
  • Events [MUST] in headers be written as Event: eventName(args…)
  • [MUST] provide detailed list of arguments and return values for methods, including name, type wrapped with brackets ({TypeName}) and whether it’s optional in italic (Optional).

Checklist for Pull Request

Markdown Extensions

Currently the documentation site of NW.js enables following extensions for generating documents. See mkdocs.yml in the root for detailed configuration.

  • markdown.extensions.toc
  • markdown.extensions.admonition
  • markdown.extensions.smarty
  • markdown.extensions.nl2br
  • markdown.extensions.codehilite
  • pymdownx.extra
  • pymdownx.inlinehilite
  • pymdownx.magiclink
  • pymdownx.tilde
  • pymdownx.caret
  • pymdownx.smartsymbols
  • pymdownx.tasklist
  • pymdownx.progressbar
  • pymdownx.headeranchor
  • pymdownx.arithmatex
  • pymdownx.mark
  • pymdownx.critic