console.log doesn’t output to Linux terminal

--enable-logging=stderr should be used in the command line; See more here: https://www.chromium.org/for-testers/enable-logging

var crypto = require('crypto') gets a wrong object

Chromium has its own global crypto object which can’t be overwritten. So you can’t use the same variable name crypto. Changing your variable name to something else, like nodeCrypto, will work.

Images are broken in AngularJS and receive Failed to load resource XXX net::ERR_UNKNOWN_URL_SCHEME in DevTools

AngularJS added unsafe: prefix for unknown scheme to prevent XSS attack. URLs in NW.js and Chrome apps are started with chrome-extension: scheme, which is unknown to AngularJS. The solution is to config the whitelist of known schemes with AngularJS by adding following lines:

  function($compileProvider) {

Can’t see exception reporting in AngularJS 2+

AngularJS 2 tries to register exception handlers in global variable global. However, it’s already existed in NW.js environment, which prevents exception reporting shown in DevTools. The workaround is to rename global to something else before loading any AngularJS libraries. For example,

window.nw_global = window.global;
window.global = undefined;
<!-- Angular 2 Dependencies -->

How to leave fullscreen mode with ESC key?

Usually users expect to use ESC key to quit fullscreen mode. By default, NW.js don’t bind ESC shortcut for leaving fullscreen mode, but providing APIs for entering and leaving fullscreen mode. It will give developers more control on fullscreen mode.

To enable ESC key for leaving fullscreen mode, you can use Shortcut API:

nw.App.registerGlobalHotKey(new nw.Shortcut({
  key: "Escape",
  active: function () {
    // decide whether to leave fullscreen mode
    // then ...

How do I get “intellisense” (auto-complete) in VSCode for nw?

Screenshot of VSCode Intellisense for NW.js

  1. Install nwjs-types
    npm install --save-dev nwjs-types
  2. Force VSCode’s TypeScript engine to load.
  3. Place // @ts-check at the top of your JS file.
  4. You do not need to use TypeScript for this to work.
  5. VSCode will load the TypeScript engine when it sees // @ts-check, then look for types in your node_modules, then find and load nwjs-types.
  6. Then intellisense will know how to auto-complete for nw..